A successful photoshoot starts with preparing your home to be photographed so that it looks uncluttered and inviting to potential buyers. In 2020, 97% of homebuyers were searching online for their next home, and 52% of buyers have said that’s it’s their first step in the homebuying process!  With homebuyers relying heavily on the Internet, it’s critical for your home to look its best and be camera-ready when the photographer arrives.

On the day of the shoot prior to the photographer arriving, please make sure you turn all lights on, open all window blinds/curtains, close all toilet lids, secure pets so they won’t be in the images, hide trash cans in garage or side yard, and turn off all TV and computer screens. We’ve prepared a handy checklist to help you prepare for your shoot.

Inside the House

  • Remove all visible clutter
  • Remove all personal photos
  • Wash windows, glass doors, mirrors
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Sweep hardwood floors
  • Minimize knick-knacks
  • Replace burnt out lightbulbs
  • Empty all trashcans
  • Hide pet beds, food bowls, toys
  • Remove newspapers and mail
  • Remove all toys

Outside the House

  • Boost curb appeal
  • Remove cars from driveway and front of house
  • Mow the lawn and trim bushes and trees
  • Sweep walkways and sidewalks
  • Hide all trash and recycle bins
  • Clean grill and remove cover
  • Clean pool area
In the Kitchen

  • Remove magnets and anything posted on refrigerator
  • Declutter countertops
  • Store small appliances out of sight
  • Hide dish soaps and cleaning items
  • Hide dish towels
  • Clean dirty dishes in sink
  • Store dish drying racks out of sight
  • Organize open shelves


  • Make beds and arrange pillows
  • Store clothing and shoes in closet
  • Declutter top of dressers and nightstands



  • Clean all surfaces including mirrors
  • Hang fresh towels
  • Remove all toiletries on counters
  • Put toilet seat down

Dining & Living Rooms

  • Straighten up chairs
  • Set the dining table for dinner
  • Stow all children’s toys
  • Declutter and reduce knick knacks